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Determining a home learning schedule

To be a successful home learner, you also need to be a successful time manager.
First, break the course modules down into manageable chunks – work our how much time is needed in order for you to realistically complete each to achieve your home learning targets.

Make a schedule which breaks down when in the day (and days per week) you are going to work on your course. Maybe use the whiteboard mentioned above, or a wall planner to mark on the times you will allocate to home studying. Be strict with yourself – it’s all to easy to get distracted by the TV or internet, so make sure you put in the hours you’ve set out for yourself.

Set yourself goals within the schedule. Each time a goal is met, reward yourself – this could be something as simple as a chocolate biscuit, or a trip down to the pub for a meal. Better still, involve your family or friends – show them your schedule and goal/reward structure, and include them in the reward. For example if you complete unit 2 on a Friday by 4.00pm then you’ll take your family for a trip to the cinema. That way, if you don’t meet your home learning goals then it’ll be a disappointment not only to yourself but to others – hence more of an incentive for you to meet your own targets! Involving other people in the reward also means they’ll be less likely to disturb or distract you from your home studies unnecessarily (especially with young children), as they will realise they are jeopardising a chance for fun.

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