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Welcome to homelearning.org.uk. Home learning is a way of learning new skills and qualifications direct from your own home, in your own time and at your own pace. In today’s economic environment, many people are looking to broaden their skills set to increase their desirability in a highly competitive jobs market – gaining a home learning qualification can help to set you apart from the competition!

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Learn Direct From Home

Home learning is different from the more traditional educational paths – it’s completely flexible, so you can gain qualifications without leaving your current job, whilst working around family commitments and in your own time.

The depth and range of home learning subject areas, qualifications and vocations is vast. Fortunately, you can get free home learning brochures and guide packs from many of the best home learning providers.

To help you make the most informed home learning decision, why not visit the home learning websites on the left. We advise you to request information from all of them – then browse and decide in your own time which home learning course provider is best for you!

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Home Learning Course Providers

My Distance Learning College

distance learning academyHealth & Social Care
Business & Commerce
Foundation Studies
Design & Technology
Childcare & Education

Click here to visit My Distance Learning College

The Distance Education Academy

distance education academyBeing founded in 2011, the Distance Education Academy are relative newcomers to the home learning world. Fully accredited courses, ranging from beauty & business to health and safety to human resources.

Click here to visit the Distance Education Academy

UK Distance Learning

UK DLPMassive broad range of online learning courses including A-Levels, BTEC's and more. Courses in fitness and healthcare to web design and IT, counselling & coaching, child care and everything inbetween.

Click here to visit UKDLP for more information

Oxford College oxfordcollege.ac.uk info

www.oxfordcollege.ac Business, Marketing & Management
Health & Social Care
Counselling & Life Coaching
Large A-level home study range

Click here to visit the Oxford College for more information

Virtual College www.virtual-college.co.uk

virtual collegeFood Safety Courses
Safeguarding Children
Fire Safety & Evacuation
First Aid - The Primary Survey
Equality & Diversity In The Workplace

Click here to visit Virtual-College for more information

NCC Home Learning ncchomelearning.co.uk info

www.ncchomelearning.co.ukLarge range of home learning courses available from Animal Studies to Event & Wedding Planning to Property Management - plus traditional study areas such as Law, History, Computing etc. A-Levels and GCSE's also available.

Click here to visit the NCC Home Learning website for more information

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